6 OCTOBER 2020

Session 1 «Financing of Transport Industry»

• Funding sources for public transport purchase: international institutions and domestic banks

• Involvement of private investors for funding of digital technologies at transport


Round-table discussion «Transport and Modern City» for city authorities and municipal enterprises.

Questions to discuss:

› Where and at what cost to purchase rolling stock: domestic and foreign manufacturers; loans, financial leasing or city budget?

› Pros and cons at purchase of new and second-hand rolling stock (buses, trams, trolleybuses)

› Interconnection of city authorities and mobility operators: transfer from the model of route payment to the model of

transport work payment (Poltava, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Kyiv)

› Mechanisms of transparent passengers calculation, inlc. benefit recipients

› Increase of service level for passengers as an incentive for development and investments into passenger transportation

› Promotion of public transport among passengers and jobseekers


Session 2 «Buses and Electrobuses»

• Manufacturing of electric transport in Ukraine: opportunities for municipalities to renew own fleet faster and cheaper

• Practice of trolleybuses with autonomous pace operation (Zaporizhia, Kropyvnytskyi, Dnipro, Kramatorsk)

• Municipal large-capacity buses as alternative to passenger mini-vans

• Small-capacity buses for transportation between villages and connection with distant housing estates

• The future of electrobuses transportation: strong wish and formation of relevant infrastructure

• Market of equipment and components for electrobus charging: range of goods and prices in Ukraine



7 OCTOBER 2020



Session 3 «Mobility as a Service»

• Development of combined transport scheme (CTS) – longterm plan for cities with population over 100 thousand people

• Neighbors’ experience: what elements of urban mobility can settle down Ukrainian soil?

• New technologies for traffic flows planning in big and middle cities

• Implementation of big data technologies to collect passenger analytics

• E-ticket evolution and future unification: (QR-codes, validators with option of plastic card payment, sms-tickets and blue tooth-tickets)


Round-table discussion «Urban Mobility» for city authorities, municipal enterprises and technological companies.

Questions to discuss:

› Role of city authorities in the development of combined transport scheme (CTS)

› How to get rid of doubled public transport routes?

› How to decrease automobilization level and promote public transport among citizens?

› Which cashless fare collection system should be chosen for your city and how to stimulate people to use it?

› Trip planning in smart-phone: how to ease the task and simplify the choice of transport for passengers?


Session 4 «Parking Space»

• Ways to promote parking services

• Parking spaces as a part of urban infrastructure: optimum technologies and solutions

• Equipment, mechanical systems and control means

• IT systems and technical solutions


Business agenda is subject to change.