28 March / Thursday – Day 1

Topic of the Day: Transport and Modern City

09:00 – Exhibition opening (Champions Hall – NSC Olimpiyskiy (55 Velyka Vasilkivska Str., Kiev).

09:45 – Conference opening, Meet & Greet by Organizers (Citius Hall, NSC Olimpiyskiy).

10:00 – 11:00 Session 1 «Financing of City Transport Industry»

Chairwoman: Anna Sydorenko, Business Development Director, Business-Forum

  • «Support programs for public transport: municipal budgets and investment projects»

Alexander Slobozhan, Executive Director, Association of Ukrainian Cities

  • «SMART solutions and urban transport»

Pavel Kozyrev, Chairman, Association of Small Ukrainian Cities

11:30 – 13:00 Session 2 - Round-table discussion “Transport and Modern City”

Chairwoman: Elena Bahmetyeva, Head of Transport, Communications & Energy Department, Kramatorsk City Administration

Questions to discuss:

  • Targeted programs of urban transport support: budgets, plans, needs
  • Investment projects in city transport industry: what city authorities can offer to investors?
  • Requirements of mobility operators to rolling stock suppliers: vehicles configuration, additional on-board equipment
  • Large-capacity buses as the means to increase quality and economic effectiveness of transportation, competition with passenger mini-buses
  • Subsidized social routes and travel subsidies monetization: case studies of Ukrainian regions
  • Rate management and mobility operators’ interests: is it possible to reach a compromise?


  • Vitaliy Golutyak, Director, Electroavtotrans Municipal Enterprise Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Andrey Tyutyunyk, Deputy Director, Electroavtotrans Municipal Enterprise Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Igor Yuzvyak, Senior Specialist - Entrepreneurship, Transport & Communications, Drohobych City Administration
  • Alexander Prihod’ko, Director, City Trolleybus Municipal Enterprise Kryvyi Rih
  • Ruslan Bozhko, Deputy Director, City Trolleybus Municipal Enterprise Kryvyi Rih
  • Vadim Gridasov, Head of Investments & External Communications Department, Kramatorsk City Administration
  • Ruslan Yemets, Head of Commercial Department, Chernihiv Trolleybus Municipal Enterprise
  • Oleg Tarabaka, Deputy Mayor, Nova Kakhovka City Administration
  • Vladimir Grigoruk, First Deputy Mayor, Kolomyia City Administration

13:30 – 15:30 Session 3 «Bus Vs. Electrobus»

Chairman: Maxim Baev, Director, Business-Forum

  • «New A08 model fleet leader of suburban buses»

Alexander Pogorilyy, CEO, Universal Motors Group

  • «Domestic manufacturer at passenger transport market: perspectives and future»

Vladimir Butko, President, Etalon Corporation

  • «Perspectives of passenger transportation with electrobuses: infrastructure planning (maintenance, repair and charging stations)»

Konstantin Avtonomov, Director, Energy & Ecology Scientific Center

  • «Passenger transportation with electrobuses: Belarus experience in infrastructure design (maintenance, repair and charging stations)»

Oleg Bytsko, Director, Chief Designer, Belkommunmash Holdin

  • «Integrated solutions for public transport cleaning»

Ruslan Klimenko, Senior Development SpecialistAutomotive, Karcher

  • «Smart solutions for parking lots in Ukraine on the example of charging station network»

Sergiy Rumyantsev, Head of Electric Chargers Department, INFOKOM

16:30 – closing of Conference Day 1.

18:00 – closing of Exhibition Day 1.

29 March / Friday – Day 2

Topic of the Day: Urban Mobility

09:00 - Exhibition opening (Champions Hall – NSC Olimpiyskiy (55 Velyka Vasilkivska Str., Kiev).

10:00 – Conference opening\ Day 2 (Citius Hall, NSC Olimpiyskiy).

10:00 – 12:00 Session 4 «Mobility as a Service»

Chairwoman: Anna Sydorenko, Business Development Director, Business-Forum

  • «Monitoring, modelling and urban mobility management – Kiev case study»

Dmitriy Bespalov, Director, A + S Ukraine

  • «Implementation of cashless fare system in public transport in Lviv»

Alexey Avramenko, CEO, EasyPay

  • «Development of transport model and sustainable urban mobility plan for Mykolaiv»

Denis Molyaka, Deputy Director, A + S Ukraine

  • «Integrated system of urban transport management»

Kirill Guliaiev, CEO, TELECARD


Yuriy Nazarov, Head of Information & Communication Technologies Department, Kyiv City State Administration

  • «Solutions for automation of public transport management in Ukraine: technologies and case studies»

Andrey Uminskiy, Commercial Director, Dozor Ukraine 

Alexander Shusterov, Deputy Director, IMS Mobility

  • «Intermodality and tariffs integration: singe ticket for all

transport modes»

Olesya Kuharenko, International Marketing Specialist, KENTKART

12:30 – 14:30 Session 5 - Round-table discussion «Urban Mobility»

Chairwoman: Anna Sydorenko, Business Development Director, Business-Forum

Questions to discuss:

  • Organization of transport network balanced between all transport & mobility modes
  • Journey planning in urban conditions: choice of transport modes for the passenger
  • Accessible urban transport for people with disabilities: local programs and support
  • What steps should be made by city authorities to promote public transport (as faster and more comfortable mode)?


  • Dmitriy Bespalov, Director, A + S Ukraine
  • Dmitriy Tkachuk, Deputy Mayor - Executive Authority Activities, Zhytomyr City Administration
  • Vadim Denisenko, Urban Mobility Expert, A + S Ukraine
  • Yevgeniy Bogachenko, Director, Mykolaiv Urban Information Computer Center Municipal Enterprise
  • Alexey Avramenko, CEO, EasyPay
  • Valeriy Chekalkin, CEO, Jetbeep
  • Vyacheslav Kokoshko, Director, LvivElectroTrans Municipal Enterprise
  • Yuriy Levchenko, Director, Institute of Urban Development, Poltava City Administration
  • Artem Ivanyuk, Senior Specialist, Project Manager, Institute of Urban Development, Poltava City Administration
  • Vladimir Shmat’ko, Head of Software and Data Support Department, Chortkiv City Administration
  • Alexander Bidzilya, Director, MukachevPastrans Municipal Enterprise
  • Andrey Fedorenko, Deputy Director, TELECARD
  • Andrey Uminskiy, Dozor Ukraine

15:00 – closing of Conference Day 2.

16:00 – closing of Exhibition Day 2.

Business agenda is subject to change.