March 30, the first day of the exhibition

Topic of the Day: City Transportation and Transport Infrastructure

Session 1

  • State regulation and legislation in urban passenger transport industry: adaptation to EU standards

  • Implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

  • Ground electric transport: infrastructure development, energy saving technologies and efficiency increase - the experience of Poland
  • Ways to renew and restore rolling stock for city electric transport in Ukraine

  • Plans for the development of passenger transportation in Lviv region and presentation of investment projects


Round table

«Transport and Modern City»

with participation of the heads of municipal transport enterprises

Topics and questions to discuss:

  • Development of transport infrastructure: tasks and key objectives by region
  • Investment projects in the field of public transport: what can the city authorities offer investors?
  • Purchase of rolling stock and modernization of the transport fleet: requirements for suppliers
  • Can urban public transport be profitable?
  • Implementation of an electronic payment system for public transport: what are the real prospects?
  • Optimization of urban transport: electric transport, buses or shuttles?
  • Increase of efficiency of ground electric transport and introduction of energy saving technologies
  • Prospects for the establishment of municipal taxi services in big cities, the problems of regulation of the market of taxi transportations

Session 2

  • Innovative equipment & solutions from Bombardier for Ukrainian electric public transport

  • Production of electric transport in Ukraine and city transportation at the domestic market: supply and demand

  • The Future of Urban Transport
  • Electrobus innovative transport XXI

  • Innovative business model for tendering of E-Buses

  • Comprehensive transport solutions for the Ukrainian cities

March 31, the second day of the exhibition

Topic of the Day: City Transportation and IT Technologies

Session 3

  • Implementation of e-ticketing system for public transport in Ukraine: best practices of the European countries

  • Advanced passenger information systems & equipment for the Ukrainian public transport – the best experience of Poland

  • Quality improvement of transport services via implementation of dispatch control systems and e-ticketing

  • Information Technologies and Automation of Urban Transportation in Ukraine

  • Innovative IT-technologies for transport infrastructure

Session 4

  • Advanced technologies in transport systems. Window of opportunities and cost of mistake

  • Peculiarities of fare collection verification in e-ticketing systems at ground urban transport

  • Plans for the providing of an electronic fare payment in Vinnitsa: criteria for selecting suppliers and stages of project implementation

  • Social protection in smart transport systems – way towards Smart City