Large Cities of Ukraine Should Develop Transport Schemes for 30-40 Years

Integrated transport schemeThe Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine obliged cities with population over 100 thousand people to develop integrated transport schemes for 30-40 years. If cities with smaller population have alike problems with traffic, they can also develop such schemes.

This will give clear understanding of perspective development of traffic. In other words, this initiative will allow to optimize the operation of all transport modes, organize traffic with minimum level of congestion, reduce accident rate and improve safety on the roads.


Rolling stock for Mariupol

Marik transportMariupol City Administration plans to purchase 63 buses and repair depots for loans of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Simultaneously, the city will also purchase 72 trolleybuses, reconstruct a trolleybus depot, acquire special equipment for system maintenance and repair contact network within the framework of cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Letters on cooperation with the EBRD for 18 mln. Euro and with IFC for 15 mln.USD are already signed. Both loan projects have 13 years pay back period, where 3 years are grace period. Tender procedures will start this winter, the purchase will begin in 2019.


Ukraine Strengthens Control Over Market of Bus Passenger Transportation

Converted-minibusVladimir Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced that the state strengthens control over the market of bus passenger transportation. Most of the urban, suburban, intercity, intraregional and inter-regional bus transportation in Ukraine is performed in conditions that are difficult to call comfortable and safe for the passengers. The average age of passenger minibuses is more than 10 years, the age of medium and large-capacity buses is over 20 years and more. Some of the minibuses are converted from cargo vehicles.

The Minister noted that starting from the 1st January 2019, minibuses converted from cargo vehicles to passenger ones, will not be used to transport passengers. Such buses will be evacuated to the penalty areas and then sent to scrapping.


Trolleybuses for Mariupol and Kiev

trolleybus uaMariupol

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will provide a loan to Mariupol in the amount of up to 13 mln.Euros for the purchase of up to 72 low-floor trolleybuses for the municipal enterprise "Mariupol Tram and Trolleybus Management Company" (MTTMC).

These funds will be also used to purchase spare parts and equipment for maintenance and repair, modernization of the existing trolleybus depot and reconstruction of the contact network.


New Trolleybuses for Kherson

kherson newsAccording to the terms of the announced tender, KhersonElektrotrans Municipal Enterprise intends to buy 4 new trolleybuses with basic equipment, without autonomous operation and air conditioners. The expected purchase price is 706,6 thousand Euro, the expected delivery term – by the 20th of December 2018.

Trolleybuses should be new, manufactured not earlier than 2018, have large-capacity and low-floor, and to be certified in Ukraine. The total passenger capacity is not less than 100 people, not less than 30 seats in the cabin.

Source: Passenger Transport


Second-hand Trolleybuses for Lutsk

lutsk newsIn April 2018, Lutsk Electric Transport Municipal Enterprise announced a tender for the purchase of 10 second-hand trolleybuses.

As a result, the winner was chosen for the supply of 10 Swiss trolleybuses manufactured in 1997. The contract amount composes about 332 thousand Euro, the expected delivery term – by the 20th of December 2018.

Each unit accommodates up to 160 people, with 41 passenger seats in the cabin. These are articulated trolleybuses with partially low-floor.

Source: Passenger Transport


Kropyvnytskyi received 10 new MAZ buses

kropivnitskiy avtobus novostKropyvnytskyi Electrotrans Municipal Enterprice received 10 new MAZ-206 buses.

Buses were purchased in the second quarter for about 32 million UAH.

This is an average size model: one vehicle has 27 seats for passengers and can carry additionally 45 people standing.

Buses are already registered, insured and have received the certificate of technical control.

Source: CTS


Service Taxify Returns to Ukraine

taxify newsThe service for booking trips Taxify (founded in Estonia) decided to re-enter the Ukrainian market. The first attempt took place in 2016. But it was unsuccessful due to high competition level and reluctance to invest in local office and marketing.

Service management estimates Ukraine as one of the most important markets in the Eastern European region. At the same time it sets itself an ambitious goal - to become the No. 1 player in Central and Eastern Europe by the end of 2018.

The application already works in Kiev, next in turn - Dnipro and Lviv. Tariffs are comparable with competitors.



National Transport Strategy by 2030 «Drive Ukraine 2030»

Drive Ukraine-2030At the end of June 2018 the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine presented the National Transport Strategy by 2030 "Drive Ukraine 2030".

This strategy is the main document regulating the development of the transport sector in Ukraine, which determines the priorities for the integrated formation of transport policy and effective state management, the main directions of the industry development.

It is planned that the implementation of this Strategy will allow Ukraine already in 2025 to take a place in Top 50, and in 2030 - in Top-20 world rating of the logistics efficiency index, measured by the World Bank.


Low-Floor Passenger Transport for Ternopil and Rivne

Rovno TernopilTernopil municipal enterprises started to buy second-hand low-floor buses from Europe. The first MAN bus (manufactured in 2006) is meant for 80-100 passengers. Currently it undergoes registration procedures and will commence operation in the city soon.

In 2018 large-scale transport reform began in Ternopil, according to which the purchase of several tens of large-capacity city buses is planned to found single municipal transport company in Ternopil.

Rivnelectrotrans Municipal Enterprise conducts a tender to choose the supplier of 7 low-floor trolleybuses. Two companies are allowed to take part in the tender, the winner should supply trolleybuses by the 20th of December 2018.

The expected purchase price is 1,16 mln.Euro inc. VAT.

Source: CFTS


Smart Traffic Lights and Smart City System in Kharkov

smart traffic lightsAll traffic lights in Kharkov will be gradually upgraded and connected to Smart City system. Currently, two systems operate in the city: the first on the old software package, the second - on the new one.

In addition to the replacement of traffic lights and controllers, the new system allows to place traffic density sensors, as well as inspection cameras.

65 traffic lights out of 350 are already connected in the new control room. They can be controlled remotely: to change the cyclogram, to reset, to enter any mode, to receive video signal.

The work of public transport is tracked in the same way, where movement trackers are installed. Inspection cameras are located at the end stops and at turnarounds.

Source: CFTS


Plan of Sustainable Urban Mobility for Nikolaev

Nikolaev mobilityNikolaev City Administration approved the Program for the Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility 2018-2019. This document is designed for 2 years and provides funding from the city budget. Within the framework of this program, open tender was held for the service "Development of the Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility in Nikolaev".

The cost of services providing composes 125 thousand Euro. The sum is determined in accordance with the requirements of tender documentation and the offer of the winner.  


New Trolleybuses from Belarus for Odessa

BKM trolleyOdessa received a lot of 6 new trolleybuses BKM-321 as part of the contract signed between Odesgorelektrotrans Municipal Enterprise and Belkommunmash Holding. Each unit is able to transport 115 people.

This type of low-floor city trolleybuses is equipped with standalone mode system, as well as with air suspension, which allows the vehicle to crouch to the right at stops. Thus, the level of the floor is reduced by few centimeters, which facilitates the boarding of disabled persons and passengers with baby carriages.

This contract provides the delivery of 47 trolleybuses in total, today 7 units of BKM-321 already operate in the city.

Source: CFTS


New Buses for Lviv and Contactless Fare Collection

MAZ busesVehicle Fleet Operator #1 (municipal enterprise owned by Lviv City Administration) signed a contract on terms of financial leasing. It concerns the purchase of 50 Electron buses and 100 MAZ buses, they are planned to be received by the end of this year.

The term of financial leasing is 36 months from the date specified in the contract. It is noted that the value of the leased asset composes 26,6 million Euro with an interest rate no more than 18% per annum. This project is financed by the state bank Ukrgasbank, which roughly allocates 20 million Euro, while 6,6 million Euro are allocated by Lviv City Administration.

All 150 buses will be equipped with validators for contactless fare payment.
The technology of contactless payment in public transport in Ukraine is implemented by Mastercard jointly with partner banks. Cards of different payment systems are accepted.

Source: CFTS


New Six Sub-projects on the Development of Urban Passenger Transport in Ukraine

eib-columnAt the end of May 2018, the meeting of the Management Committee by the European Investment Bank project "Urban Public Transport of Ukraine" was held.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to agree six subprojects for the development of urban passenger transport, total sum 89 million Euro.

Preliminary sub-projects description: