M/s. S.T.Enterprises

logo pakistanguyM/s. S.T.Enterprises (Pakistan) will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Muhammad Arfeen, Proprietor


ELKO Ukraine

elko-color-logo-01ELKO Ukraine will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Volodymyr Guk, Business Development Manager


Universal Motors Group

UMG logoRepresentatives of Universal Motors Group will attend City Trans Ukraine 2019 EXPO (28-29 March 2019, Kiev):

Alexander Pogorelyy, Managing Director

Igor Getman, Deputy Managing Director


Rolling Stock for Ukrainian Cities

kommun transKIEV

Municipal Enterprise Kyivpastrans signed a contract for the supply of 10 trams with a manufacturer from Dnipro. The delivery to the capital city should take place within December 2018 - December 2019 period. The contract price is 13,4 mln.Euro (incl.VAT).

Metnioned rollings stock is three-section cars (model K-1M6) with length of 26.8 m, with a low floor share of at least 70%. The technical documentation states that trams should be suitable for operation for at least 15 years. They will be equipped with air conditioning, places for passengers in wheelchairs, designed for autonomous travel on horizontal straight stretch of at least 1 km.




infocom RU V2 curvesRepresentative of INFOCOM will attend City Trans Ukraine 2019 EXPO (28-29 March 2019, Kiev):

Yuriy Tikhonov, Head of Electric Cars Charging Stations Department



logo hartronexpressRepresentative of KHARTRON-EXPRESS will attend City Trans Ukraine 2019 EXPO (28-29 March 2019, Kiev):

Sergiy Shalimov, Head of Supply & Marketing Department


Public Transport in Dnipro: Budget 2019 is Adopted

novost budjet dneprIn early December Dnipro City Administration approved city budget for 2019.

The sum of 26,7 mln.Euro is allocated for the needs of public transport.

This money is planned to be invested in the following way:

17,2 mln.Euro – for electric transport
4.4 mln. Euro – for metro maintenance
around 129 thousand Euro – for urban vehicle fleet to purchase 6 tow trucks.

In 2019 it is planned to buy 44 new trolleybuses (low-floor and with wheelchair ramps) for credit money in the amount of 13 million Euro.

Around 129 thousand Euro are intended to purchase tow trucks: 2 units have been bought already. Evacuation of vehicles will be performed in emergency cases: parking on tram tracks or at the entrance to the hospital. Other inappropriately parked cars are the area of responsibility of parking inspectors, the system of fines will comes into force starting from 2019.

At the same time, it is planned to install 130 new anti-vandal stops (70 units have already been installed in Dnipro).

In 2019 the municipality has intentions to equip the entire urban electric transport with GPS-sensors. This system will allow to display the arrival time of public transport on board at the bus stops.

Source: www.056.ua


Trolleybuses for Dnipro and Pridneprovsk

novost dnerp pridneprDnipro City Administration announced plans to take a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the purchase of 44 trolleybuses. Part of new trolleybus will be launched to housing estates in Dnipro and Pridneprovsk.

City Administration representatives promise that new trolleybuses will have low floor and other amenities for people with disabilities, old people and mothers with baby strollers. Moreover, part of the trolleybuses will have autonomous pace from 1 to 12 km.

The loan amount for the purchase of trolleybuses composes 13 mln. Euro. In agreement with the EBRD, Dnipro will give money back within 12-year period with 2 years grace period.

Source: 49000.com.ua


Update of Electric Transport in Lutsk and Odessa

novost eibAt the end of November 2018, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine hosted a regular meeting within the framework of the European Investment Bank project "Urban Public Transport of Ukraine".

According to the results of this meeting, the decision was made to approve subprojects for the development of urban passenger transport for a total sum of 24.36 million Euro, namely:

- "Modernization of the electric transport infrastructure in Lutsk, Volyn’ region" (purchase of 30 trolleybuses), total cost is 4.36 million Euro;
- Direct trunk tram route "North-South " in Odessa (purchase of trams), total cost is 20 million Euro.

Source: Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine


Implementation of Electronic Ticket in Lviv

novost lviv ebiletLvivavtodor Municipal Enterprise announced contest for the implementation of electronic system of fare collection in Lviv public transport. It is planned to purchase electronic tickets, 1 thousand validators for 725 buses, 125 trolleybuses and 150 trams, manual controls.

The announcement was posted on the website of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which provided the loan for this project implementation in the amount of 10 million Euro.

The expected contract will include design, equipment and software, hardware, implementation systems and maintenance services.

Source: CFTS



logo tepTechEnergoProm company will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Tatiana Ostroumova, Marketing Manager


Pokrovs'k City Administrtation

coa pokrovskPokrovs'k City Administrtation will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Julia Ostapchuk, Head Specialist

Vyacheslav Kirienko, Deputy Mayor


Panasonic Ukraine

logo panasonicPanasonic Ukraine will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Anrey Nebyvailov, Expert


Dneprovskiy Electrotransport Municipal Enterprise

dneprovskiy electrotransportDneprovskiy Electrotransport Municipal Enterprise will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019:

Volodymyr Kobets, Director


Cherkasskiy Autobus Municipal Enterprise

cherkasskiy avtobusCherkasskiy Autobus Municipal Enterprise will attend III City Trans Ukraine 2019:

Sergey Nadtochiy, Pneumatics Engineer


Agent Bud

Agent-BudRepresentative of Agent Bud will attend City Trans Ukraine 2019 EXPO (28-29 March 2019, Kiev):

Alexander Gurzhiy, Commercial Director



RybnitskayaRepresentatives of «Rybnitskaya-АК2831» will attend City Trans Ukraine 2019 EXPO (28-29 March 2019, Kiev):

Alexey Narubay, Director

Mikhail Narubay, Deputy Director


Purchfse of rolling stock for Ukrainian cities

for citytransKYIV

By the end of 2018 it is planned to sign an agreement and announce tender procedures for the renewal of passenger transport in Kiev. This agreement provides renewal of trams fleet (24,9 mln.Euro, approx. for 17 units) and  city bus fleet (18,6 mln.Euro, approx. for 50 buses with 12m length and 62 buses with 18m length).


Kramatorsk perform run-in of 4 trolleybuses "Dnipro Т203" with 20 km. autonomous pass. This rolling stock was purchased by Kramatorsk Tram & Trolleybus Management Company on the basis of financial leasing from PrivatBank.The total cost of 4 units composed 870 thousand Euro.


European Investment Bank (EIB) agreed the credit of 12 mln.Euro for Lviv Automotive & Transport Enterprise #1. Municipal enterprise will use these funds in 2019 for the purchase of 100 big buses.

Source: based on the materials by CFTS


Electric Transport in Odessa and Kryvyy Rih

Trolleybus TramIn the second half of 2018, six new trams will be assembled in Odessa for the needs of OdesgorElektroTrans Municipal Enterprise. Each unit should have at least 26 seats, total capacity of 145 people as minimum, have at least 30% of low-floor from the total cabin. The contract price composed 1,059 mln.Euro (176,6 thousand Euro per unit).


Transport & Mass Transit Hubs in Large Ukrainian Cities

Mass transitOne of the new state building norms provides the creation of transport and mass transit hubs in large Ukrainian cities. The goal is to create high-quality interconnection between the routes of passenger transport, better regulation of passenger-flows and improvement of passenger rapid transit between different transport modes. The relevant changes take effect on the 1st of September 2018.

This initiative will help cities to form the right logistics and interconnections between all major transport modes, regulate passenger traffic. For people it means comfort and travel speed.